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Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Prince Naif’s death a great loss and Prince Salman the right successor

CROWN Prince Naif’s death came as a deep shock. The only consolation is that Prince Salman has been appointed as the new crown prince.
Not only the Saudis, Arabs and Muslims but also many nations in the world outside wept for the departed Crown Prince Naif, deputy premier and interior minister. That is because he was one of the pillars of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who dealt with people and issues with candidness, credibility and humility. It is also because of the lead position the Kingdom occupies in the world, particularly with its unique spiritual status and enormous economic weight.
Apart from his global reputation as a strong security man, the prince was famous as a man who loved knowledge, science and advanced technology. This is evident from the fact that the prince initiated the idea of setting up an integrated university for security sciences called the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences in Riyadh.
The university offers high-tech assistance to Arab security establishments that need development in dealing with crimes scientifically.
The prince strongly believed that the Muslim community would never progress on the right track without following the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). As part of his efforts to promote the Sunnah, the prince launched an international prize called the Naif International Prize for Prophet’s Sunnah and Conbodyorary Studies.
The prize aimed to spread a culture of memorizing the traditions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) among the youth including girls in the Muslim world and also to promote conbodyorary studies related to Hadith.
The prince also stressed the need to undertake humanitarian activities on an international scale. In appreciation of the prince’s services in this line the Budapest Medical Congress awarded the prince the Prize for Outstanding Humanitarian services in 2009. Another mark of recognition for his charitable activities was his winning the Outstanding Donor Prize of The UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.)
His virtuous deeds will live on after his death — if God allows it. Even though the impact of the shock of Prince Naif’s death was deep, the arrival of his brother to succeed him as the crown prince and deputy premier has been a matter of great relief to us all. We should thank Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah for quickly choosing Prince Salman as the crown prince, deputy premier and minister of defense. It is a choice that has been reassuring to the grieving Saudi people.
King Abdullah has the ability to identify the capabilities of men especially from his close brothers.
With this commendable ability the king chose Salman as the crown prince and as a reliable support especially at a time of turbulence regionally and internationally.
Prince Salman was governor of the Riyadh province over the past 50 years before he was appointed minister of defense last year. His position was strategic because Riyadh is a province with a huge population besides being the Kingdom’s capital. The prince was a success in the administration of the region. The prince, who was successful in his interaction with the region’s people, developed a close and trustful relationship with all while governing from the Al-Hukum Palace and outside it.
Although he was busy with provincial affairs as a governor, the prince was never absent from the affairs of the state. In fact, he played a great role at occasions of crucial decision-making and governance of the Kingdom with his wisdom, vision and habit of consulting with experts.
“Whenever a standard is raised for glory, Oraba will hold it in his right hand.”
These words of an ancient Arabian poet are not an exaggeration when describing the qualities of the prince.
Prince Salman was a born leader with tremendous capability to undertake huge responsibilities.
Day and night the prince has been vigilant about the matters of the state. He is also keen on seeking advice from experts on any matter but reserving for himself the right to make the final decision.
The prince is also very on keeping the unity of the royal family at times of happiness and difficulties. It shows his desire to ensure the Kingdom’s safety and strength.
He also stressed the need to maintain the Kingdom’s unity with the total integration of the society as well as regions administratively and politically.
The prince also has a balanced approach in the Kingdom’s foreign relations. His domestic concerns have never kept him aloof from his effective participation in regional and international matters.
These are qualities required for a successful leader of the modern times.
In the present world order, a crisis in one country spreads instantly to another country despite the defenses of that county. This situation demands evolving a concept of total national security of the Kingdom with its strong and active international presence in a positive manner. Crown Prince Salman realizes the significance of such a global stand and has been acting accordingly.
The best heritage left by the founder of the Kingdom, King Abdul Aziz, is his great sons who preserve, develop and contribute to his cultural and political heritage with loyalty, sincerity and determination.
n (Courtesy of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper)

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